The Middle Ages represented for some Genoese families the great opportunity, the possibility to start a commercial expansion, well beyond the borders, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Military missions will allow the unscrupulous leaders to grow rich, and the most daring merchants will succeed in creating real commercial empires, and turn into financiers and bankers. 

The luxury in their palaces and in their daily life is still evident today through the works of art and the precious objects they loved to surround themselves with. 

We will start from the heart of financial power, Palazzo S. Giorgio, seat of one of the oldest European banks; then we’ll reach the headquarters of two of the most important noble families, the Grimaldi and the Spinola, and their noble church.

Through the streets of the Bankers, the Goldsmiths and the Gilders, we will then reach the base of the other great family, the Doria, where the walls still tell us about the great exploits of the leaders who made the history of the Republic of Genoa.

Entirely pedestrian, not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Your four-legged friend will be welcome if someone can keep him company while we’re inside the church.

On Sundays we may not be allowed to visit places of worship.

Rate € 160
Excluded no entrance fees during the tour
Duration 2 h
Languages italian, english, french, spanish
Departure Piazza Caricamento or to be arranged
Validity every day, at 4:00 PM

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