Let’s face it, most people like shopping. And how much more intriguing is it to do it in shops that offer something special, artisanal, maybe a little snobby, definitely unique?

This is possible in Genoa, where a Register of Historical Shops has been created since 2011.

We will discover small and large realities, preserved with care and love by the descendants of the founders, proudly resisting against  the large distribution, to offer us even today the uniqueness of a haute couture garment, the wisdom of the apothecaries of the past, or artisanal delicacies produced according to the same secret recipes that their great-grandfathers used.

Even for the grocery shopping, you’ll move amongst sculpted marble counters, prestigious furnishings, and large old-fashioned (yet perfectly hygienically safe) cold rooms.


Entirely pedestrian, not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Rate € 160
Excluded no entrance fees during the tour
Duration 2 h
Languages italian, english, french, spanish
Departure Piazza De Ferrari or to be arranged
Validity every day, at 4:00 PM

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