The apparent low profile of the today’s city hides a past of sly and smart businessmen who had made luxury a habit, as UNESCO has discovered. If you like the unexpected, follow this Arianna’s thread in the labyrinth of the Genoese alleys, around the highlights, to discover behind almost every corner secret beauties and breathtaking works of art.

You’ll give a look at the main points of interest of the town with the eyes of a local who loves to share the authentic – not only the popular – and believes that a tour must be more than dates and figures: I’ll take you by the hand into “my” Genova!

Some highlights include

  • Stories of the inhabitants of the opulent medieval residences
  • The interiors of Genoa’s richest church
  • Hear about the first football club in Italy
  • A historical confectionary shop
  • Find out why a 16th century fountain is inside a department store
  • Take in the splendour of the fountain in the Piazza Raffaele De Ferrari

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Places to stop along the way: Aquarium, Romanengo confectionery, Grimaldina tower and Palazzo Ducale, Café La Superba

Precautions: There might be pickpockets in crowded spots, including the cathedral

Rate € 4,18
Excluded no entrance fees during the tour
Duration 40 mins
Languages english
Departure Palazzo S. Giorgio
Validity Morning is fine, afternoon is perfect; churches normally close by lunchtime 12AM-3PM

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